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Healing Support

Cancer can turn your life upside down, but the healing support you’ll find at University Medical Oncology can help patients deal with the ups and downs of cancer treatment and take control of their lives.

Healing Support in Our Offices

Our goal here is to provide our patients and their families a calming, relaxing treatment environment. Partnering with us to do this are several people you may not expect to see in an oncology practice. They are our massage therapist, harpist and classical guitarist. It is that special additional touch that brings joy to our patients. The healing effects of this personal approach to treatment inspire and motivate patients. Research shows music and massage can bring about lowered blood pressure, slower breathing and muscle tension relief. These benefits ease anxiety and discomfort, making for an overall better treatment experience with us.

Bonnie, a certified massage therapist, is described as having “wonderfully healing” hands. As a cancer survivor herself, Bonnie listens to patients’ stories and encourages them with her own story of healing. According to a patient, “She knows what it’s like because she has been in one of these chairs just like me.” Bonnie massages patients’ hands and feet, and both men and women have articulated that the massage reduces their stress and promotes rest.

Nell, our harpist, is a certified music therapist. Her serene music selections promote feelings of tranquility in our facilities. The beautiful resonance of her harp brings peace to the hearts of those receiving treatment, including family members and friends accompanying patients.

GuitarOur classical guitarist, Jason, recently joined our team. He has a repertoire of classical, original, uplifting and easy listening favorites. Jason strives to accommodate patients’ musical requests, encouraging an enjoyable treatment experience.

Massage therapy and therapeutic music are part of our attempt to reduce anxiety and stress in our patients. We understand the challenges that they face, be it life-altering changes or financial and job-related issues, and we want to cultivate hope and restoration in their lives. We believe that cancer is not a definition of who our patients are, but rather a description of their current experience. And we’ll be by their side every step of the way.

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Memorial Services

As part of fulfilling the philosophy of being a relationship-centered practice, University Medical Associates offers a memorial service every six months for family members who have lost loved ones. This is a time of remembering for both the staff and the families, followed by an informal reception. Chaplain D. Alan Faulkner leads this service, speaking to the issues of grief and the healing process of grief.